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Don Rush
McRush Communications
HC 31 Box 48
Jasper, Arkansas
Phone: 870-446-2607


Company Information

McRush.com is a Christian company. I believe with Jesus any goal is achievable. I also believe that without Him, I would be worth nothing and the world would be lost. I seek to be led by Him as I work not just to build my business, but to make a positive impact on the world around me.

Our goal is to help our Ozarks neighbors take the fullest possible advantage of the relatively new, and to many, unfamiliar, world of Internet advertising. Where once we were hampered by our isolation and the cost of extensive advertising, we now have a relatively inexpensive and very effective way to reach a vast and growing audience.

Based in the Buffalo National River country at Jasper, Arkansas, we are an Internet service provider offering a variety of opportunities. We have developed the expertise to guide you as you explore this medium, even if you are unfamiliar with the hardware, software, and procedures of the Internet. We design and maintain web sites for a number of businesses, including the extensive linking that is required to make the pages easily found and, therefore, profitable. We also offer directory listings, information advertisements and catalogs. The rates are reasonable, with greater exposure and less investment then one major magazine ad.

Our Ozarks area has much to offer. The businesses we are already serving will gladly tell you how effectively we are telling their story and helping them grow. We invite you to talk to them and we encourage you to talk to us about your own needs. Call or e-mail us today.